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Welcome to the home of Chien Wines.

Don and Lindsay Schroeder created the Chien brand after being continuously inspired by the wines of Alsace and Austria. We have a deep love for these wines and want to showcase the varietals to their full, Californian, potential.

When we first started Chien, we didn’t want to be throwing another Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah, or Merlot on the self. We wanted to take underappreciated, and often under respected varieties to the world class table, and find a niche that, we felt, needed better focus and representation. From exotic Greek varieties, funky German grapes to the wines of Alsace, we were taken to Austria and a new world was opened to us, that of Grüner Veltliner… we found our niche. While searching for the right vineyard to propagate Grüner, we started working on the first concept for Chien; Edelzwicker – a traditional white blend from Alsace. In 2007 we started designing the brand, and the blend; Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Gewürztraminer.

Chien literally translated from French means “dog”, to some it may not be the most attractive noun to use, but we wanted to have the outside of our bottle reflect our love for the noble breeds, while the inside of the bottle reflected our love for the noble aromatic whites of the world.

With the release of our 2009 vintage we introduce the first Santa Barbara County, and third Californian Grüner Veltliner!!

Due to current license constraints, we can only ship to CA residents, however feel free to contact us to discuss other possible options.

Produced and bottled in
Santa Barbara County, California.


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